Synaptics’ USB Fingerprint Module Can Add Biometric Authentication to Any PC

Synaptics, the company with a product portfolio of touch, display, and biometrics, has introduced its new biometric solution for PCs. The company’s new “ultra-small” form factor USB dongle enables Natural ID secure fingerprint authentication on any PC. In the smartphone sphere, the company is best know for making fingerprint sensors for Samsung.
The firm explained that the new USB dongle, which features Synaptics’ IronVeil ‘Catalyst’ sensor on board, is a turnkey solution for OEMs, ODMs, and private labels that will enable them to offer easy to use and inexpensive fingerprint module alternative for PCs. The new solution from Synaptics can be used on PCs that lack integrated biometric sensors. The new turnkey USB dongle is expected to sample in Q3 CY16 while mass production is expected to kick off in Q4 CY16.
“The dongle is a fully housed, ready-to-use fingerprint module small enough to remain unobtrusively installed in any notebook USB port,” the company explains. The USB dongle uses Synaptics’ Natural ID solutions that combines biometrics and advanced encryption.

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